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Website Design

Website Design

Make the first impression count! Getting off on the right foot from the beginning is crucial if you want to capture the attention of users. The first impression is greatly influenced by the visual appeal of the site. The look and feel of the website have the ability to either make a visitor stay or leave.

McGinger specializes in superb quality web design and development. We create superlative, professional designs that capture your audience’s attention right from the start. We believe that great web design is the key to make a lasting impression. When users like what they see, they will be encouraged to stay and explore the rest of the website.

Our web designs are pleasing to the eye as well as intuitive and easy to get around. By creating user-centered navigation, users can easily find the information that they need. We combine the best design elements to produce a strong visual flow layout and rhythm to guide users to their ultimate goal. With flawless form and function, we ensure the best possible user experience. With the rise of mobile users around the world, we raised the bar by ensuring that all our websites are mobile-friendly.

Website Maintenance

Health is wealth! This saying holds true in the digital world. Take a proactive approach by investing in the health of your website.

McGinger offers excellent web maintenance services in Bermuda. We will regularly maintain your website to keep your business active, up-to-date, and working efficiently. Our team will keep your website in tip-top condition to drive search engine traffic and boost SEO rankings.

If you’re looking for expert security for your system to keep your data secure, then you’ve come to the right place! We help businesses across the globe improve their performance and enhance the security of their websites.

Choose from our array of web maintenance plans that suit your specifications. Our maintenance plans are specially designed to match your company’s needs and provide a suitable solution for all your requirements. McGinger delivers prompt solutions and resolves problems quickly to keep your business running smoothly. By signing up with us, you will get 100% secure, timely, and quality web maintenance services.


A strong brand equals recognition. McGinger believes that branding is an integral key in helping you achieve success. We specialize in crafting a customer-centered and user-friendly website that establishes a consistent message. Our team will help you promote a cohesive brand identity across all platforms to support authenticity.

Our web design infuses character into your website to reflect your brand’s personality and business goals. By communicating a strong brand on your website, you can build familiarity among your consumers. Brand recognition will be your ticket to earning your audience’s trust and confidence.

With consistent “look” and “tone”, your customers will easily distinguish you from your competitors. Our dedicated team will help you achieve a successful brand to enable you to convert leads to customers and establish a personal connection with your loyal customers.

Graphic Design

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the graphic design tells a whole story. McGinger graphic design services are one of the best in Bermuda. Our creative graphic designers are experts in the art of visual communication. We blend visual appeal, brand value, and usability to create a positive and lasting impression on the users. By capitalizing on visual appeal that resonates, we capture your audience’s attention with aesthetics to build a strong connection. We work hard to come up with a modern and intuitive website that makes it easy for customers to understand the message you want to convey.

We think of graphic design as an art of persuasion. Our goal is to capture your target market’s attention, get your message across, and motivate users to take the desired action.

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Content Creation

We create content that matters. McGinger offers content marketing comics, a new avenue of brand development that captivates and engages users. Comics is a fresh, creative, and effective way of connecting with audiences using a visual narrative. With users embracing more visual mediums, comics provide the perfect visual stimulation to get your messages across. This high-value content can be utilized across numerous mediums for brand engagement and development. Using this modern and ingenious content can maintain and cultivate your brand recognition in targeted market audiences.

Cloud Hosting

Our cloud infrastructure provides you with speed, security, and top hosting performance at an affordable price. Compared to traditional web hosting, our reliable cloud platform runs on different remote servers to ensure maximum uptime. With a network of servers, there’s no need to worry about downtime setbacks. Our cloud hosting service speeds up the loading time of your website to keep visitors engaged. This cutting-edge cloud technology provides not just speed but it also delivers unmatched flexibility. We know that your data is valuable that’s why we take extra care of protecting it. Our dedicated team of experts implements extensive security measures to safeguard your important business information. Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your website? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you get started with cloud hosting.

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