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Bermuda Passport Application

Bermuda’s immigration department is failing Bermudians.Your application, carefully submitted in March or April, is still gathering dust on someone’s desk.You tried to call and follow up, you emailed, left messages, and even wrote to the head of the department. Well done for trying, no one cares or is answering these lines.So, you decide to take […]

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Bermuda Whales

During spring in Bermuda, whale-watching is high on the list of things to do. While we always hear about people seeing them, this comic aims to cheer those poor souls that always miss the opportunity. Going on a Bermuda whale watching cruise and not seeing a single whale while also suffering terrible seasickness? Choosing not

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Shooting in Bermuda

Bermuda, our society is changing. We are transforming in a way, that can only make us wonder, What will happen in the years to come? Bermuda, let’s do our part, to ensure our children and their children, inherit an island that is beautiful, safe and allows them to be free.

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Primary school closures

The recent announcement on primary school closure may be fully supported by an elaborate spreadsheet of puzzling mathematical calculations and artificial intelligence, but lacks a personal understanding and connection, valued by all in our community. Is it possible to promise a world class education, while shutting down one of the best performing primary schools on

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Stranded Bermudians

While our Premier welcomed tourists to our shores, several locals were denied the luxury, and were forced to reside in a foreign land – an uncomfortable and worrisome experience for sure! What are your thoughts on the situation that is unfolding? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Symbol of freedom

The chief Fintech advisor recommended that the Bermuda Government purchase around 1 million dollars worth of services from the company that he coincidentally owns. Imagine the Conversation: Premier: Advisor, please can you advise me on this matter? Advisor: Absolutely, pay my company $1,000,000 and I will sort it out. Premier: Done, send me an invoice

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