Bermuda Passport Application

Bermuda’s immigration department is failing Bermudians.
Your application, carefully submitted in March or April, is still gathering dust on someone’s desk.
You tried to call and follow up, you emailed, left messages, and even wrote to the head of the department. Well done for trying, no one cares or is answering these lines.
So, you decide to take time off from your work to go to the immigration desk to clarify the status of your application in person. Unfortunately, no one is allowed to disclose the status of your application, and no one can confirm or deny if it has been processed and sent to the U.K. They are simply afraid to admit that after two months your application remains untouched and unprocessed. So you get the response, you will be contacted, not soon, but eventually.
Are you still unhappy? Well, how can you be because there is now an article in the Royal Gazette that justifies the delays and as soon as 12 weeks is up, they will start blaming the UK Government and stating the return time was outside of the department’s control.
Come on Bermuda Immigration, do better, where is the accountability and the transparency? These wait times are simply unacceptable.

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