Colouring Book #3


Delight kids with the ​3 Little Bermudians Colouring Book #3 Triathlon Adventures​. Join McGinger, Doggie and Lobsterboy in another great escapade as they meet interesting triathlon athletes. This colouring book edition teaches kids about the benefits of being active and staying fit. Grab a copy of this amazing colouring book today!

This unique colouring book highlights the importance of exercise to stay healthy. Our three beloved characters, McGinger, Doggie and Lobsterboy take on another exciting journey. This time, the trio comes across inspiring athletes who teach them the wonders of exercise and discipline.

More than a fun activity, coloring offers many benefits that boost physical and mental development. It promotes a child’s fine motor skill development through the use of fingers, hands, and wrists. Coloring also taps the imagination and inspires children to try new ideas through color combinations. It also cultivates coordination and a sense of focus. The ability to finish coloring a whole page can stimulate confidence and build self-esteem in young children. Create fun memories with your kids through this hands-on activity.

  • Perfect for kids of all ages
  • Designed for boys and girls
  • Features several pages of original and cute illustrations
  • A fun way to learn about colors, shapes, lines, and patterns
  • Comes with speech bubbles for early readers
  • Printed on white quality paper

Pack of 3, Single Book

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