Colouring Book #1


Introduce kids to the fun and amazing adventures of McGinger, Doggie and Lobsterboy. These beloved characters are the stars of the ​3 Little Bermudians Colouring Book #1​. Suitable for children of all ages, this colouring book is a fun and clever way of incorporating educational benefits and tapping the interests of young minds. Get this amazing colouring book now!

Children learn best when they are having a wonderful time. The 3 Little Bermudians Colouring Book #1 is a great gift because it ​promotes the creative expressions of growing kids. This engaging colouring book comes with cute illustrations that showcase the fun adventures of ​McGinger, Doggie and Lobsterboy. Introduce children to these three adorable characters as they explore the idyllic island of Bermuda. Pair this colouring book with a set of crayons and your child is all set for a fun and exciting activity time. Delight in your children’s expressions as the pages transform into vibrant images under their little hands.

Coloring is an engaging activity that provides many physical and mental benefits for kids. It improves fine motor coordination and serves as a great focus-building activity. It also promotes patience and builds confidence. ​Given the freedom to choose the colors that they like, kids learn to use their imagination and bolster their sense of creativity.

  • Suitable for kids of all ages
  • Perfect for both boys and girls
  • Contains unique and fun illustrations
  • Teaches basic colors, shapes, lines, and patterns
  • Includes short speech bubbles to promote early reading comprehension
  • Printed on white quality paper

Pack of 3, Single Book

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