So far 2020 didn’t bring much joy to Bermuda’s shores, Covid-19 took some lives, stunted the tourism, spiked unemployment, hammered both small and large businesses.

Hurricane Paulette although thankfully not causing extensive damage made us fear a Hurricane Teddy approaching the island only 7 days after.

We all promptly went to Gorhams to stock up on plywood and batteries because it was clear, considering how this year was going, Teddy is going to hit and he will hit hard.

So we all boarded up and waited and waited for Teddy..that never arrived!!!

Well, if you have been waiting for a good sign, Teddy’s “Boo!!” To the island is one of them. Roll up your sleeves, pull up your socks and start building your future because if you survived 2020 you will live for ever!

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